Purchase online

Purchase online

* This service is not available to Japanese nationals living abroad.

All that is required to purchase a Japan Rail Pass is your passport and credit card. This is limited to persons who purchase a pass on the official website! You can book reserved seats on Shinkansen trains and limited express trains online before arriving in Japan!

Prior to boarding a train, you need to pick up your JAPAN RAIL PASS and reserved seat ticket.
In accordance with the eligibility requirements, be sure to receive a certificate of “Temporary Visitor” when entering Japan.

  • STEP1Purchase a JAPAN RAIL PASS on the dedicated website (JAPAN RAIL PASS Reservation)

    ■Business hours of the dedicated website are from 4:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. (Japan local time UTC+9:00)
    ■Payment can only be made with a credit card. The credit card must be in the purchaser's name. For children who do not have their own credit cards, the JAPAN RAIL PASS can be purchased if the itinerary is the same as that of the person who is making the payment.
    ■In addition to the purchaser, a JAPAN RAIL PASS may be purchased for up to 6 people who are traveling with the purchaser and meet the eligibility conditions.
    ■When making a purchase, the user's name, email address and passport number need to be entered.
    ■After purchasing a JAPAN RAIL PASS on the dedicated website, it is possible to reserve seats on the same website for Shinkansen and limited express trains.
    ■JAPAN RAIL PASS cannot be issued to Japanese citizens living outside of Japan.

  • STEP2Pick up the PASS

    ●When you arrive in Japan, pick up the JAPAN RAIL PASS at the JR-designated ticket office counter.
    ●Come to the ticket office with the number issued when purchasing the ticket online and the passport that has a stamp or sticker certifying “Temporary Visitor.”
    ●When picking up the PASS, your eligibility will be confirmed. Please present your passport and those of the persons traveling with you.
    ●The purchased JAPAN RAIL PASS must be picked up before the start date or during the valid period.

POINTAfter picking up your JAPAN RAIL PASS, you will receive the ticket for the reserved seat booked online at the reserved seat ticket machine. See here for details.