JAPAN RAIL PASS: From purchase to travel

● If you purchase online

STEP1Purchase a JAPAN RAIL PASS on the dedicated website (JAPAN RAIL PASS Reservation)
*Click on the icon to display more details.

■Business hours of the dedicated website are from 4:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. (Japan local time UTC+9:00)
■Payment can only be made with a credit card. The credit card must be in the purchaser's name. For children who do not have their own credit cards, the JAPAN RAIL PASS can be purchased if the itinerary is the same as that of the person who is making the payment.
■In addition to the purchaser, a JAPAN RAIL PASS may be purchased for up to 6 people who are traveling with the purchaser and meet the eligibility conditions.
■When making a purchase, the user's name, email address and passport number need to be entered.
■After purchasing a JAPAN RAIL PASS on the dedicated website, it is possible to reserve seats on the same website for Shinkansen and limited express trains.
■JAPAN RAIL PASS cannot be issued to Japanese citizens living outside of Japan.

※Go to JAPAN RAIL PASS Reservation

STEP2Pick up the PASS

■When you arrive in Japan, pick up the JAPAN RAIL PASS at the ticket office counter.
■When picking up the PASS, your eligibility will be confirmed. Please present your passport and those of the persons traveling with you.
■The purchased JAPAN RAIL PASS must be picked up before the start date or during the valid period.

● If you purchase an Exchange Order at a JR-designated sales office or agent overseas

Before you come to Japan

STEP1Buy at JR designated sales office or agents

Buy your Exchange Order for the JAPAN RAIL PASS at one of the following sales offices or agents before coming to Japan.JTB Corp, Nippon Travel Agency, KINTETSU INTERNATIONAL, Tobu Top Tours, Japan Airlines, ANA Sales Americas(Los Angeles)※1, JALPAK, and their associated agencies.
※1 In this case, you must book an ANA Group flight.

The clerk at the location where you purchase your Exchange Order will explain the eligibility requirements for the JAPAN RAIL PASS. Be sure that you understand these requirements before purchasing an Exchange Order.
In the event that you are unable to receive a PASS because you fail to meet the eligibility requirements, the JR Group is not liable for any charges or fees associated with your use of JR lines while in Japan.
●If you are unable to receive a PASS, you can return your Exchange Order to the overseas travel agency from which you purchased it for a refund.(※Fees apply.)
●If you have any questions about the Exchange Order, please inquire directly at the travel office where you made the purchase.

■Information about JR-designated sales offices and agents overseas

※ Some sales offices and agents may be closed over the year end/New Year holiday period. Addresses and contact details of sales offices and agents are subject to change or discontinuation without notice.

After you arrive in Japan

STEP2Turn in your Exchange Order to receive a JAPAN RAIL PASS

Present your Exchange Order and obtain your JAPAN RAIL PASS after you arrive in Japan.
You have to turn in your Exchange Order (with your passport) to receive your JAPAN RAIL PASS at a JAPAN RAIL PASS exchange office in a major JR station.

  • ●You cannot use an Exchange Order when you travel on JR lines. Turn in your Exchange Order and obtain your JAPAN RAIL PASS at one of the JAPAN RAIL PASS exchange offices.
    *Please pay attention to the business hours and non-working days of the exchange locations.
    *The type of PASS stated on the Exchange Order cannot be changed.
    *If you are unable to present the Exchange Order due to loss or theft, a PASS cannot be issued.
    *The Exchange Order cannot be exchanged for a PASS if the eligibility requirements are not met.
  • ●Your Exchange Order must be turned in for a JAPAN RAIL PASS within three months of the date the Order was issued.
    (for example, an Exchange Order issued on April 15 would have to be turned in by July 14)
    ※It may take time to turn in your Exchange Order and receive a JAPAN RAIL PASS if the service counter is busy. Please ensure you leave enough time when you visit the exchange office.

● If you purchase a JAPAN RAIL PASS at a ticket office in Japan

* The JAPAN RAIL PASS is also on sale at certain sales offices in Japan until March 31, 2022.
In Japan, however, the JAPAN RAIL PASS is sold only to those who have non-Japanese passports.
(The PASS is unavailable to Japanese nationals living outside Japan.)
(The price of the JAPAN RAIL PASS in Japan is different from the prices at JR-designated sales offices or agents overseas)

* The details concerning sales after the above date will be announced later.

Please click here for the details about purchasing a PASS at a ticket office in Japan.

To people purchasing a JAPAN RAIL PASS (Important notices)

・When exchanging/picking up a PASS, you will be required to show your "Temporary Visitor" stamp/sticker stamped or put in your passport upon entering Japan. During the screening for exchange/pick-up, be sure to show your passport* and "Temporary Visitor" stamp/sticker.
*The PASS will not be issued if the name in your passport is different from the name on the Exchange Order or the name who purchased the PASS online. *The PASS will not be issued if you don't have your passport with you or if you only have a photocopy of your passport and the "Temporary Visit" stamp cannot be confirmed. *Customers who have "registered user cards" under the Trusted Traveler Program will be asked to show the cards to confirm the "Temporary Visitor" status.

・Business hours of the ticket offices in Japan for exchange/pick-up/purchase
4:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. (Japan local time UTC+9:00)
*Please check the business hours and non-working days of each ticket office on the homepage below:

・When exchanging or purchasing more than one JAPAN RAIL PASS to be used by the same person, it is not permitted to exchange or purchase a PASS with overlapping periods of use .

●How to book a reserved seat

After receiving your JAPAN RAIL PASS, it is possible to make seat reservations at a “Midori-no-madoguchi” (ticket office).

Pictogram of a Midori-no-madoguchi (Ticket Office).
Pictogram of a
(Ticket Office)

■There is no additional charge for making seat reservations. To make a reservation, go to any Travel Service Center or “Midori-no-madoguchi” (ticket office) at a JR station, or to the sales office of a JR-associated travel agency. There, show your pass and obtain your reserved-seat ticket before boarding. (“NOZOMI” and “MIZUHO” trains and the trains marked with *in the scope of available trains in the About page require payment of an additional charge.)
* Seat reservations cannot be made at unmanned stations or stations without a reservation function.

■Pease confirm here if you intend to bring oversized baggage (the total dimensions must be 160 cm to 250 cm ) onto the Tokaido, Sanyo or Kyushu Shinkansen.

■ Shinkansen, limited express trains and express trains have reserved Green car seats, reserved standard car seats and non-reserved seats.
*(With a JAPAN RAIL PASS, "NOZOMI" and "MIZUHO" (including non-reserved seats in both) trains on the Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen Lines cannot be used. Please use the "HIKARI," "SAKURA," "KODAMA," or "TSUBAME" trains.)
*Some trains have no non-reserved seats (all seats are reserved).

■ A non-reserved seat (except for “NOZOMI” and “MIZUHO” trains on the Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen) can be used with just your JAPAN RAIL PASS.

● Business hours of the ticket office
4:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. (Japan local time UTC+9:00)

● Operating hours of the reserved seat ticket machine
4:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. (Japan local time UTC+9:00)

*The above hours are the longest possible available hours. The actual business hours vary at each location.


Please note that during crowded periods you cannot be guaranteed a seat on a specific train. The periods when seat reservations are particularly difficult to secure are as follows:

  • April 27 to May 6
    On consecutive holidays during common travel seasons, some trains are crowded.
  • August 10 to 19
    During the Obon season, some trains are crowded with people returning to their hometowns.
  • December 28 to January 6
    The year end/New Year holiday period is the most popular travel time for Japanese people, for vacations and returns to hometown areas.

【How to read reserved seat tickets】

How to read reserved seat tickets
  • Originating Station
  • Departure Date
  • Train Name
  • Departure Time
  • Destination
  • Arrival Time
  • Non-Smoking Seat
  • Seat Number
  • Car Number

Book a reserved
seat on
the dedicated website
(JAPAN RAIL PASS Reservation).

If you purchased a JAPAN RAIL PASS on the dedicated website (JAPAN RAIL PASS Reservation), you can also book reserved-seat tickets on the same website.

How to issue a reserved seat ticket at a reserved seat ticket machine

1.What is a reserved seat ticket machine?

Example of reserved seat ticket vending machine
Example of reserved seat ticket vending machine

Reserved seat ticket machines are located in some of the JR stations.At a reserved seat ticket machine, you can have reserved seat tickets for the JAPAN RAIL PASS issued without having to stand in line at the "Midori-no-madoguchi".

2.Reserved seats that can be booked/tickets issued

Reserved seat tickets can be issued for most of the trains that can be used with a JAPAN RAIL PASS.However, reserved seats may not be booked when they cannot actually be used, such as booking reserved seats for the same time on different trains.

3.Reserve and issue a reserved seat ticket

Top screen
Top screen
QR Code reading screen
QR Code reading screen
Passport number input screen
Passport number input screen
Train search screen
Train search screen

(1) Scan the QR code on your JAPAN RAIL PASS with the reader on the reserved seat ticket machine (or input the reservation number written on the PASS), and input your passport number.
(2) Input the travel section, date and time, etc., and select the train and facilities.
(3) Check the inputs, and if everything is correct, issue the ticket.

*Even when a seat has already been reserved online, it is necessary to issue the reserved seat ticket at the reserved seat ticket machine.